“For years, ranchera music has been waiting for a new champion, one who could lead the genre for a young generation. Then, a video emerged of the youngest artist of the Fernández musical dynasty playing the piano like a virtuoso, and the torch was passed – Alex Fernández is the heir to the mariachi throne. As son of the great Alejandro Fernández and grandson of the living legend Vicente Fernández, Alex is poised to become ranchera music's best young artist. Just 25, Alex already possesses the maturity and the vocal skills to garner acclaim. He is nominated in two categories at the 2019 Latin GRAMMYs®: Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album and Best Regional Mexican Song, and he plans to attend the ceremonies in November. One year into his professional career, he is just getting started. His debut album Sigue La Dinastía (The Dynasty Continues) features 11 songs, including the singles “Lo Primero Que Haría” (The First Thing I Would Do), “Esta Vida (Qué Bonita Es Esta Vida)” (This Life, How Beautiful Is This Life), “Puras Mentiras” (Nothing But Lies) and “Te Amaré” (I Will Love You), which reached #1 on the monitorLATINO airplay charts in Mexico and received the aforementioned award nomination. Brought up on Mexico's most cherished musical traditions, Alex developed a formidable vocal range and a distinctive persona. The texture inherent in his dynamics and his ability to expressively hit low notes make him unique in the ranchera genre and give his music a fresh feel. On October 19, he capably demonstrated these abilities at his first palenque (country fair) performance in Guadalajara, a venue known for its outspoken and knowledgeable mariachi fans. To his delight, they gave him a warm welcome, as he performed his new songs, along with classics made famous by his father and grandfather. It is rare for a musical family to stay on top for three consecutive generations, but Alex is well on his way to carrying on the Fernández traditions and carving out his own identity. Mariachi music's future is assured with the emergence of Alex Fernández.”


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