Gente de zona


Gente de Zona, Become the first Cuban artist to reach the top of the Billboard “  Hot Latin Songs”, they are the leaders of a musical revolution. Known for their dynamics shows the Cuban. Group has revolutionized the term “enjoy” all over. The. World.  Thanks to the success of the song “ Bailanado” with Enrique Iglesia and Descemer Bueno, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom managed to enter the international market in 2014. Since then” La Gozadera” arrived with the friend and mentor of the duo Marc Anthony. Gente de Zona was one of the groups invited to Viña del Mar Festival 2018.  There they impacted the audience with their live presentation.  This duo has collaborated with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Jesse and Jovt, Malu Trevejo, Laura Pausini and Silvestre Dangond. They have won numerous “Premios Juventud” and “Premios Tu Mundo”.